Animal Feed Additive Betaine Anhydrous 96% Feed Grade

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Betaine Anhydrous

CAS No.: 107-43-7

Assay: 98%  96%

Appearance:  White powder

Package : 25kg/bag


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Betaine Anhydrous (CAS No.: 107-43-7)

Betaine anhydrous, a kind of quasi-vitamin, a new high-efficient growth accelerating agent. Its neutral nature changes the disadvantage of Betaine HCL and has no reaction with other raw materials, which will make the Betaine work better.

1)As a methyl supplier, it can be used as feed additive. it can partly replace the Methionine and Choline Chloride, lower feed costs and the fat on the backs of pigs, also improve lean meat ratio.
2)Add into chicken feed to improve chicken meat quality and muscle mass, feed utilization rate, feed intake and daily growth. It is also an aquatic feed attractant. It increases the feed intake of piglets and promote growth.
3)It is the buffer of the osmolality when is stimulated changed. It can improve the adaptability to the ecological environment changes (cold, hot, diseases etc.). The young fish and shrimp could be raised the survival rate.
4)Can protect the stability of VA, VB and it has the best taste among the Betaine series.
5)It is not heavy acid like Betaine HCL, so it does not destroy the nutrition in feed materials.

1.Betaine Anhydrous can be used in the treatment of human cardiovascular disease and health products. Betaine reduces the potential toxicity of homocysteine in the human body. Cystine is an amino acid in human body, It’s poor metabolic will cause cardiovascular disease.
2.Betaine is vitamin with biologically active form. It is very important for forming protein, repairing DNA and the enzyme activity.
3.It is widely used in food stuff and cosmetic.
4.Betaine produce dental material combined with some high molecular substance.

feed grade betaine


Storage: Keep it dry, ventilated and sealed. 

Shelf life: 12months

Note:  Caking can be rubbed and broken without any quality problem.

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