Betaine Monohydrate CAS 17146-86-0

Short Description:

CAS number:       17146-86-0

Molecular formula:    C5H11NO2·H2O

Molecular Weight:     135.16

Assay(on a dry basis):         min 99% d.s.

pH(10% solution):                5.0-7.0

Water:                       max 15.0%

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Betaine monohydrate applied in nutritional supplements and food,for direct use or use after processing into various kinds of dosage form(granule,tablet,capsule), or use after mixing with other ingredients or use after processing into various kinds of dosage form with other ingredients (granule,tablet,capsule).

Betaine monohydrate is naturally present in plants and animals, such as beets and seaweeds. Biologically active betaine is the final product of choline oxidative metabolism and is a common Chemicalbook methyl donor, especially in the small pathways of methionine biosynthesis. It is used to treat homocysteinuria, which is a defect in the main pathway of methionine biosynthesis.


Betaine monohydrate has a wide range of uses. For example, Betaine monohydrate can be used as a raw material for the production of drugs for the treatment and prevention of liver diseases.
Betaine monohydrate can be used as a food additive, and can play a good role in promoting the health of the elderly and the growth and development of children

CAS No. 17146-86-0
Product name Betaine monohydrate
Appearance White Powder
Purity 99%
Solubility H2O: 0.1 g/mL
Storage conditions 2-8℃

Betaine monohydrate is a natural vitamin-like substance. It is non-toxic, highly hygroscopic, sweet and has a special smell. It is widely found in animals and plants and has important functions. Its value has been studied by countless scientific researches and practices. affim.



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